Credit Unions have been investing in and supporting local communities
for over 50 years in the UK

Credit Unions are nonprofit, member-owned financial institutions, which offer sustainable, financial services to their members. We’re not in it for the money, so any profits we do make are re-invested back into the Credit Union and re-distributed to our members as a dividend. Our ethos is built upon a strong sense of community. We are local people helping local people to access safer savings and responsible loans.
We want to show people that we are an ethical and affordable alternative to high-cost lenders. Credit Unions are able to offer the financial services that people need, whilst putting people first, working with people to secure their financial futures.
We represent a positive, safe solution to short term credit pressures, and we encourage saving alongside loan repayments, always acting in our customer’s best financial interests for the long term. 
Responsible lending is in our DNA, as we agree a fair, manageable repayment plan with all members who borrow. 
Credit Unions are for everyone we are proud of our values and that shows in the way we treat people. We include everyone whatever their income level. We know that vulnerability can affect anyone’s finances and we work with people to improve their credit score and their life chances. Many of our members have stable incomes and belong to us because they appreciate our values and they can use us to save and borrow for their aspirational goals.

There are around 500 Credit Unions in the UK and more than 1.8 million members UK wide, and this number is increasing