About SoundPound Loans

A SoundPound loan offers affordable lending of between £200 and £1000, repayable between 4 and 12 months,
with a representative APR of 42.6%.

The SoundPound loan is for people who are new to Greater Manchester Credit Unions and are looking for a small loan. 

You can apply to borrow £200 – £1000 and have the money paid into your account, sometimes on the same day. The annual interest on a SoundPound Loan is 3.0% per month (APR 42.6%) on the reducing balance. This means that if you borrowed £500 to repay over 12 months, you would pay £50.23 per month, with a total repayment including interest of £602.76. 

Your local Credit Union will assess your finances and perform a credit check as part of your loan application.

Credit Unions understand real people and their finances. If you have a poor credit score or low disposable income, we won’t just turn you away. We’ll work with you to build your credit score as well as your savings. Also, as Credit Unions are not for profit, any money made is reinvested back into the running of the Credit Union and the local area, allowing Credit Unions to continue to offer fair rates to all customers.

If you are eligible for a loan, our Credit Unions offer monthly and weekly repayment plans to suit your lifestyle. Your local Credit Union may also be able to offer you a larger loan.

Important Information

If you are in a debt management plan, subject of a Debt Relief Order,  IVA or bankruptcy or not currently up to date with household bills we are unlikely to be able to provide you with a loan.  

Debt advice can be obtained, free of charge, from STEPCHANGEDEBT ADVICE FOUNDATION or your local CITIZENS ADVICE.  
Free and impartial money advice can be obtained from The Money Advice Service

You need to be 18 or over to apply for a SoundPound loan; and are more likely to be accepted if:

You have a regular source of income and would have some money left over after you have repaid the loan.

You are mostly up to date with your existing credit commitments and not in too much debt already.

You are not likely to be accepted if:

You have had a number of defaults or a County Court Judgement (CCJ) in the last year.

If you are currently bankrupt or subject to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or Debt Relief Order (DRO).

You already have a loan with a Credit Union